Who we coach

CNC Academy teaches tennis players of all ages – from young children to retirees looking to up their game, and even high school students seeking sports bursaries or scholarships for university or college. We are also the first tennis academy in the UAE to teach the sport to people with disabilities.

When it comes to our younger players, we believe in fostering healthy relationships with their parents too, as we know that mums and dads have an incredibly vital role

when it comes to a player’s overall development on the court, at home, and at school.

Our certified and experienced coaches offer creative coaching techniques that are individualised to suit all of our players’ needs – no matter their age or skill set – to take them to the next level, either personally, recreationally or professionally.


Full time programs at CNC Tennis Academy are internationally recognized among the finest training available in United Arab Emirates. Students with diverse abilities, from across the province, attend the Academy for comprehensive and progressive training programs taught by world class instructors.

Our High Performance Program combines technical, tactical, mental, and physical training to help each player uncover their unique strengths and playing style.

The High Performance Program begins with a comprehensive assessment that allows us to evaluate movement, strength, speed, posture, and game style. Following this assessment, a meeting is set up between the student, parents, and coaches to create an individualized training program that meets everyone’s short and long term goals.

At CNA Tennis Academy, our focus is producing high performance tennis players.



The Junior Programs are split into three stages: Red, Orange and Green.

There is also an optional Launch Pad stage for young players aged between three and five-years-old. Children progress from one stage to the next when they are ready. This ensures that children learn at their pace and will ultimately make the transition to using a yellow ball on a full-size court when they are fully prepared.

We offer private, semi-private and group lessons for this stages.


At CNC Tennis Academy, we offer programs for serious to recreational adult players who want to improve their game.

Beginners Classes are an ideal way to learn about tennis while socializing with a like-minded group of fun, interesting, and health conscious individuals. Seasoned tennis players can try our Intermediate Classes to refine technique, movement, and tactical game play. Advanced Doubles Classes focus on formations, tactics, and movement. Finally, for a fast-paced and energetic workout, our High Intensity Group Classes are an ideal solution that helps players of all skill levels strengthen their upper body while improving speed and reaction time.

Private Tennis Lessons are the best way to learn tennis or improve technique.


The primary objective of this program is counseling and discussion with players and their parents to determine the best option for their career and make an important decision, “which way to move on”, depending on their results, fitness and skills.

The second phase is establishing prioritization and determining how much time a player has until (s)he goes to college.

The program also includes:

  • Working with players to raise the level of their game, maximizing every segment of it.
  • Helping players to contact colleges and to prepare video material that will be sent during application process.


At CNC Tennis Academy, we offer activities for all.

  • Ladies Clinic (open to everyone)
  • Men’s Clinic (intermediate/advanced)
  • 50+
  • Wheelchair Tennis
  • Touchtennis