Driven by passion
with a mission to succeed

Welcome to CNC Tennis Academy

CNC Tennis Academy is a Dubai-based tennis academy with a difference… Established in 2016, our talented and passionate team is dedicated to pairing the fundamentals of tennis with fresh perspectives in a welcoming community environment that’s inclusive of everyone.

One of our main goals is to offer aspiring and established tennis players – from young children and retirees to high school students seeking bursaries or scholarships, and even the disabled – the support and guidance they need to get them to the next level, regardless of their age, goals or fitness levels.

We understand that each person has individual aspirations, and we are passionate about working one-to-one with every single one of our players to ensure we’re assisting them when it comes to achieving their personal aims, inspiring them to reach their full potential, and helping them to succeed both on and off the court.



Our team’s outstanding and distinctive coaching techniques aim to transform our players’ passion and positive attitudes into success. Our lessons incorporate group, private and semi-private coaching as well as free play, social tennis and much more. We work one-to-one with all of our players in the hope of developing and enhancing all aspects of a person’s game.


The foundations of our philosophy are built on our fundamental belief that a player’s performance should not be seen as end in and of itself. To us, the journey is just as important as the destination. With that in mind, our coaches epitomise the idea that any success in life comes about as a result of a positive and calm state of mind.


CNC Academy teaches tennis players of all ages – from young children to retirees looking to up their game, and even high school students seeking sports bursaries or scholarships for university or college. We are also the first tennis academy in the UAE to teach the sport to people with physical disabilities.

Everyone’s dream can come true
if you just stick to it and work hard

– Quote by Serena Williams